Optimize Premiere Pro

1. Change Playback Resolution

Change playback resolution to 1/2, 1/4, or even more. You can do this in the lower right corner of your screen. 

2. High Quality Playback

By pressing the right mouse button on the playback you can disable the high quality playback function to make it smoother. 

3. GPU Acceleration Rendering

Open a File tab>Project settings>General, and select the item of the program and video card. You can playback GPU accelerated effects and transitions in real time without rendering them.

4. RAM Settings

Open Premiere Pro>Preferences>Memory and select how much RAM will be used for Adobe Premiere. Choose optimal characteristics for your version.

5. Clean Cache

To clean programs from uneccesary cache files, click Premiere Pro>Preferences>Media Cache. 

6. Proxy Layers

To create a proxy layer, select the video we need and right-click Proxy>Create Proxies. Choose the format QuickTime and press OK. After that, the Adobe Media Encoder program opens; it can be downloaded from the oficcial Adobe website. At the end of the proxy creation, a green checkmark will appear next to the file. 
Returning to the Adobe Premiere, Toggle proxies button turns the proxy on and off.  

7. Partial Render

Rartial rendering helps us to split rendering process into more manageable chunks. To run our render, we need to select the desired segment and open the sequence. 

8. Turning Off Effects

You can remove effects that you’ve applied to clips, or you can turn off the effects but retain their settings. We have a button that allows us to turn off all effects - fing it in the playback window. 

9. Lumetri Scopes

Lumetry scopes window loads Adobe Premiere heavily. In order for the program to work faster, it’s better to close this window when you’re not working with color grading. 

10. Update drivers

For the correct and fast operation of Adobe Premiere, do not forget to update the drivers on your computer. Make sure your device drivers are properly updated, because it can also be a common reason for most optimization issues. 
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