Image not found - some preview images not showing

Some Windows users have problems displaying and importing some files.

This is due to the restriction of Windows on the path length (260 char limit per node) So if you put the pack itself along a long path, you may have problems accessing the package files.


For fix this issue you need to move the pack to short path

Long wrong path: C:\Users\user\Desktop\some long path \ another some folder \ folder \Hyper... 

Short correct path: D:\EasyEdit\Hyper\ 

In some cases, you'll need to change the name of archive itself before unzipping it.

! Also try dont use extra symbols in path to the pack: $%@^!*() etc..

Step 1
 Remove the pack from EasyEdit Viewer
Step 2

 Relocate the pack to the new short path

Step 3 

    Install the pack again from a new path

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