[Premiere] How to fix lost files issues in Premiere Pro

First Step

a)  Make sure that you have After Effects installed (due to the peculiarities of the work of Premiere Pro it must be installed, at least trial version must be installed)
b)  Make sure that Premiere Pro version matches  After Effects version ( CC 2018, CC 2019..)
(if you have Premiere Pro cc 2018 - you must have After Effects cc 2018 installed and so on).
How to find your Premiere Pro version:
How to find your A fter Effects version:
Step Two
a)  To open the  Premiere Pro project select project file and open it using double-click or right-click and then open using the drop-down menu.
b)  The incorrect way to open projects is to open it after Premiere Pro started, if you will drag project file to Premiere Pro window it will lose all graphic elements and will display red screen in the preview window.
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