Change Log

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25 April 2022

  • added: support for a new revolutionary pack Presets Pro
  • bug fixes and improvements
  • some users will need to reinstall all packs
8 October 2021

  • underhood optimizations
  • fixed: black screen issue for some windows users
1 October 2021

  • added: color correction preset feature for Youtube Bundle
  • added: setting for show/hide template names
  • bug fixes
25 October 2021

  • added: the ability to resize the sidebar 
  • added: Bug Reporter. We try to make our products as high quality as possible. But if you encounter any difficulties in the templates, now there is an opportunity to promptly inform us about it.
  • Mac with m1 optimisations
  • bug fixes
8 October 2021

  • underhood optimizations
  • fixed: black screen issue for some windows users
1 October 2021

  • added: color correction preset feature for Youtube Bundle
  • added: setting for show/hide template names
  • bug fixes
13 May 2021

  • new fresh ui
  • new sidebar view 
  • items autoplay ( you need to update the packages to their latest versions) 
  • new fullscreen preview for selected item
  • new settings in the corner of the panel
  • new view of the pack selection menu
  • new view of the pack activation
  • show and hide top bar 
  • show and hide sidebar 
  • grid optimisation and lazy loading
  • speed and stability optimisations
  • bugfixes
1 Febrary 2021

  • +: Added the brand new EasyEdit Assets tool. All info available here
    EasyEdit Assets: The power tool for search and download free media assets.
    More than 83+ million free media files in one place.
    Import Gifs, images, videos by one click in your project

  • How to update?
    Before update the viewer+assets you will need to update the helper to version 1.1.0, it should happen automatically, but if not - re-download from here 
31 October 2020

  • fixed: Problem with installation packs for some users. Drag and drop the .install file and the + button works again
29 October 2020

  • fixed: The problem of disappearing packs
  • + Improved work of free premiere pro packs
15 October 2020

  • +:Support for importing Premier Pro projects. This format is very handy when you need to quickly replace video or photos in Premiere Pro templates. Just place your material in the prepared sequences.
  • +: The brand new EasyEdit Helper. It will help to easily update and install our extension. And a lot of things in the future.
  • bug fixes
17 July 2020

  • +: Auto adjust EasyEdit Viewer color theme to global Appearance color
  • +: ui improvements
  • +: store btn linked to
  • fixed: grid issue in Premiere Pro CC19
16 July 2020

  • fixed: Activation problem for windows users
  • fixed: Bugs in CC18 version
15 July 2020

  • fixed: Import in Premiere pro for Windows users
9 July 2020

  • +  Important improvements for coming premiere pro packs
  • +  Smart import of projects, mogrts, sound files from Viewer to Premiere Pro timeline. Be calm for your existing timeline layers. Just try its so cool!
  • + Volume control for EasyEdit Viewer
  • fixed: One more fix for "packages disappear" after relaunching/updating AE
18 May 2020

  • fixed: Packages disappear after relaunching/updating AE
  • fixed: Conflicts with after effects and Premiere Pro installed packages and Favorites for them
  • + Autosave / Autofill purchase key for already successful installed packs. Now you need to enter the key only 1 time
  • fixes to improve panel launch speed
12 Apr 2020

  • fixed: panel responsive issue
  • fixed: favorites issue
9 Apr 2020

  • fixed: random viewer reloads when open categories
  • updated: welcome tour slides
8 Apr 2020

  • +EasyEdit Viewer now works in the Premiere Pro 2020 too! Window > Extensions > EasyEdit Viewer. Packs for it coming soon
  • +We have raised the minimum required version for After Effects to CC 2018 (15.0) and higher
  • +Add important functionality for cool working with Hyper Pack 2.0
  • +Improved stability and speed
18 Dec 2019

  • new UI for packs
  • lots of fixes and improvements
31 Oct 2019

  • fixed: important bug fix
29 Oct 2019

  • improved: UI for free packs
  • improved: New controller for grid size. Added extra-small grid size. So handy for hyper pack
  • improved: grid now smarter and support different aspects ration 16x9, 9x16
  • improved: speed optimizations
  • added: preloader for hard thinks like import, activation, change packs
18 Oct 2019

  • improved: Scroll Perfomance. Fixed lags and delays when scrolling the grid with all aivalable composition.
  • improved: Grid responsive and grid size.
  • fixed: drag& drop install file problem on windows
  • fixed: problem with displaying thumbnails for some categories on windows
  • fixed: style problem and optimizations for CC2015
  • style: category list fix
11 Oct 2019

  • Improvements for upcoming free packs
  • Added filter by type in store section and added all available templates from easyedit
  • Added ability to drag&drop .install files to viewer panel
  • fixed pictures were not displayed for some compositions
  • fixed bugs in store section
  • fixed small bugs and re-styles
25 Sept 2019

  • added Expand/fold all categories button.
  • added The ability to add the new free demo packs ( more free packs coming soon ) 
  • addedImport btn click + cmd - open master ae project, import btn click + alt - open folder with project
  • addedAdded support for import responsive compositions.
  • fixedNow the project will be re-imported with all the nested pre-comps when this necessary, not just duplicate the main composition.
  • fixedThe correct name for essential graphics comp after import and incrementing after second import.
  • fixedIf the notification is large in width now it does not go beyond the edges
  • fixed a large number of small bugs
  • re-styled The left bar with categories list
23 July 2019
17 July 2019

  • added rewrote logic of importing templates, now viewer has become even smarter and more optimized
  • added rethought logic of work with essential graphics panel for each imported composition
  • added the settings for the imported composition now open automatically
  • added responsive support feature for future packs and updates
  • added optimization, automation, bug fixes
  • fixed issue expressions error for in & out markers on javascript engine in CC2019
24 June 2019

  • addedspeed optimization! viewer is now even faster!
  • fixed issue errors on launch after effects for some users
  • bug fixes
21 June 2019

21 June 2019

  • fixed issue errors on launch after effects for some users
20 June 2019

  • fixed  issue  issue when hover on preview thumb did not always play the video in the top preview window
  • fixed  issue  issue with grid of preview thumbs and sized of them. Items sometimes flicker.
  • re-designed first screen when there are no packages installed yet. Added handy Help Center Links
12 June 2019
First release
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