Change Log

23 July 2019
17 July 2019

  • improvements rewrote logic of importing templates, now viewer has become even smarter and more optimized
  • improvements rethought logic of work with essential graphics panel for each imported composition
  • improvements the settings for the imported composition now open automatically
  • improvements added responsive support feature for future packs and updates
  • improvements optimization, automation, bug fixes
  • fixed issue expressions error for in & out markers on javascript engine in CC2019
24 June 2019

  • improvementsspeed optimization! viewer is now even faster!
  • fixed issue errors on launch after effects for some users
  • bug fixes
21 June 2019

21 June 2019

  • fixed issue errors on launch after effects for some users
20 June 2019

  • fixed  issue  issue when hover on preview thumb did not always play the video in the top preview window
  • fixed  issue  issue with grid of preview thumbs and sized of them. Items sometimes flicker.
  • re-designed first screen when there are no packages installed yet. Added handy Help Center Links
12 June 2019
First release
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