How to install EasyEdit Viewer - Mac OS

instruction for windows here
Step 1

Install EasyEdit Viewer on Mac Os

EasyEdit viewer works from After Effects 15.3 and above

  1. Download the latest version of EasyEdit Viewer for Mac
  2. Unzip the folder with EasyEdit Viewer installation files and press double click on file     
  3. Right click on it, and click open (not double click)
  4. Follow the steps of the installer 
  5. Voila, EasyEdit Viewer is ready to use. Run the After Effects And go to Window -> Extension -> EasyEdit Viewer 

Alternative Multiplatform install using ZXPinstaller

  1. Download zxpinstaller from this website
  2. Open zxpinstaller app and drag zxp file in it
  3. Reopen After Effects and enjoy 
Step 2

 Set up After Effects for proper work


Turn on the checkbox . "Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network" in Preferences

In new version

Or in old version

Step 3

If you use After Effects CC2019


Change expression Engine to Legacy ExtendScript

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